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When you imagine the year 2030 what do you picture - perhaps humans setting
foot on Mars, self-driving cars, perhaps even incredible levels of A.I. supporting
all aspects of our lives.... But, ask yourself, do you believe will we truly have
universal healthcare, for everyone?
We are living in uncertain times; it is both complex and fascinating, and we are
seeing and in some cases benefitting from innovations that we could not have
dreamed possible just a few years ago - developments with the potential to
transform people’s lives.
Yet amongst all this promise, there remains enormous inequalities in people’s
access to health care, which in turn impacts their well-being and the duration
and quality of their lives.
Hello and welcome to Voices for Health, a channel from Roche where we will
reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing health systems around the
world as they seek to offer safe access to quality care for each and every
patient, today and tomorrow.
In this podcast, we'll be talking to researchers, health professionals,
policymakers, innovators and patient advocates. Their voices will help us to
explore and hopefully determine ways to some of our society’s most pressing
How can we prepare health systems for the innovations and advances of the
How can we improve citizens’ quality of life and their access to healthcare?
And how can we do this without compromising the sustainability of health

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