Interview with Dr Stacey Rosen: Women-Centric Healthcare


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Hello and welcome to Voices for Health, a channel from Roche where we will reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing women around the world. My name is Teresa Graham, and I’m the Head of Global Product Strategy at Roche.

Our healthcare systems are failing women and that's a fact that is becoming even clearer after COVID-19. We fundamentally have to set a new and different agenda to better provide outcomes for our mothers, daughters and sisters that are better and surpass what we've been able to achieve today. Women are so central to our lives and society. Thinking about ways to improve health care for women around the world has been on my mind for a long time. And inequalities in healthcare exist everywhere, no matter how mature systems are and COVID-19 has revealed the systemic gender biases in healthcare systems around the world.

We've analyzed patient journeys through women, and one thing stands out -- there is a need for so much more, than just medicine. To overcome the many hurdles in their path, women need tools, integrated solutions. To make a difference, we need to look at the whole process of innovation in healthcare from the clinical trials being tested at the right populations to efficiencies and delivery and access to our innovations. We have to look at integrated holistic solutions for women and for healthcare systems to set a new agenda, but what does good look like,where should we begin and how do we achieve meaningful lasting change?

When we want to tackle issues of this magnitude, we want to start by listening to remarkable leaders who can talk about their own experiences, and today I am joined by just such a person Dr Stacy Rosen.

Dr Rosen is the Senior Vice President of Women's Health at the Katz Institute for Women's Health, Northwell Health which focuses on the elimination of health care disparities through comprehensive clinical programs, gender-based research, community partnerships and education. A practicing cardiologist Dr Rosen is co-author of the 2018 book Heart Smart for ‘Women: Six S.T.E.P.S. in Six Weeks to Heart-Healthy Living’ which equips women of all ages with the comprehensive program for heart-healthy living. Dr Rosen is a passionate advocate for comprehensive and integrated approach to women's health and i'm excited to have the opportunity to talk with her today


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