Interview with Dr. Rifat Atun: "Health systems in emerging countries" - Voices for Health, a podcast by Roche


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The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendous implications for the health, economy and social cohesion of countries. Governments across the world will have to face these challenges for years to come. From weakened economies and fractured health systems to high unemployment levels, crumbling social programs and increased social unrest.
This pandemic has shown us clearly that health is a core determinant of social and economic development; thus, we need to ensure health systems are equipped to address the current and future challenges, as well as the needs of the population. In this session, experts will discuss the challenges COVID-19 presents for the construction of sustainable health systems and what the role of governments should be as we transition to a “new normal.”
Dr. Rifat Atun, Director of Global Health Systems Cluster at Harvard University, talks in this interview about the challenges that Health Systems in emerging countries are facing now, and how this crisis can lend opportunities.

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