S2E2 - Funny Spanglish in Northern Ireland


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Today I have an extra episode, because I really wanted to share for a while some funny stories about some of the things that has happened to me since I moved to Northern Ireland and some of the words that turned to be funny or even rude by not being able to say them properly which makes me laugh.
Don´t feel bad if someone can´t speak English properly, and you want to correct them but feel like you can´t... I have talked to few friends and we agree that we prefer to be corrected and try to say if the "right" way that keep saying it wrong just because is funny or "cute". We like to be understood!
We don't punish ourselves like you think, we like to just get better... well I speak for myself, I know a few people that couldn´t care less about their accent... but that´s why is so funny, because trying to say some words actually mean something else, so I hope you enjoy this episode!
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