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In this podcast Javier presents his newest book, "A Greater Gift of Love", just released this week and available through Amazon in paper, eBook, and Audible formats. This is a collection of mystical poems and humorous, irreverent, and insightful tales about the challenges and rewards of a spiritual life that is not intended as an escape from the world but as a way of embracing more fully the human experience. Ultimately, they are about the joy of coming home to oneself. The initial idea of “A Gift of Love,” published by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press in 2019, came to me in the long hours of inevitable wakefulness after drinking a healthy dose of San Pedro medicine in November of 2018. By dawn I had all the contents: a handful already written and many others just in my head. This new volume, “A Greater Gift of Love,” includes those original writings from “A Gift of Love” plus many more texts written in June and July of 2019 after a shamanic dieta with the Toé plant, Brugmansia Suaveolens, in the Amazon jungle and again in the first weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic in March and April of 2020. This is truly a gift of love from the author as well as everybody involved in this project. It is also a gift of love from all the energies whose wisdom has inspired many of these writings.

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