Flirting, falling in love, and dating in your 30s and beyond with Dolly Alderton. Episode 154


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Dolly Alderton, journalist, writer, and podcaster, made her debut as an author with her unique memoir “All I know about love”, written in her 20s. An instant big-seller, and translated into more than 20 languages, the book turned her into something of a millennial icon. However, her ingenuity, her humour, and her sharp outlook on life, friendship, and love spoke to women of all ages, who identified with her stories and opinions.
Now in her 30s, Dolly is a seasoned columnist and media contributor, having worked with publications from the Sunday Times to Elle. She is also the co-creator of The High Low podcast, and has participated in many other projects across different media. All of this has made her one of the world’s most renowned communicators. She is now publishing “Ghosts”, a novel whose protagonist turns thirty only to realise that things don’t get as easy as one might have thought at that age.
In this interview, Dolly tells us about how dating applications have changed the landscape in which we meet people, flirt, and fall in love. We also talk about marriage and couples, our biological clock, motherhood, the passing of time, and the strong bonds of female friendship. Social pressure, stereotypes, expectations, etc. In our chat, Dolly casts her discerning gaze on all of these issues (and she also tells us who those ghosts are that give her novel its title...).
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