Ben Feder of Tencent America on Games Club


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  • How Ben took over Take Two [1:42]
  • How digital distribution and publishing changed gaming [8:36]
  • What is a next generation publisher? [13:51]
  • Can publishers add value as tastemakers? [17:36]
  • How do you make sure studios ship on time? And in the era of persistent game worlds, does it matter? [22:01]
  • Lessons learned from Take Two [27:27]
  • Taking the long view of the creative process — "Every overnight success was ten years in the making." [30:53]
  • Is there a successful game that surprised Ben? [37:08]
  • What's the next big gaming platform? [46:07]
  • Where will subscription models lead? [52:06]
  • Sabbaticals and life advice [56:50]

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