Survive The Ocean Of Investing


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I was watching an episode two nights ago talking about if Great White sharks are trying to hunt dolphins. If you're not sure why it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this week. :) Researchers wanted to understand how; since dolphins are faster than most sharks except for the Mako, who can swim upwards to 40 mph. They were talking about the differences with Great Whites and dolphins. Metaphorically speaking, the financial markets are like an ocean, and you need to understand how YOU can survive. Great White Sharks are loners, and they can survive by themselves because of their size and strength. Dolphins survive with using their smarts, quickness and swim in numbers because there's safety in numbers. Large hedge funds of mutual funds can try to be the Great White Sharks of the financial markets with having large positions; that's fine because that's how they have to work. However, investors like you and I have to be like dolphins and use our smarts, quickness and find safety with playing the numbers game and keeping our trade size small. You ego wants to be top dog, but at the end of the day, it's about understanding your strengths and understanding how to survive today to be able to see tomorrow. That's the reason why so many aren't able to, but you can turn that around and become smarter, quicker and protect yourself with playing the numbers game right now. To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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