Lesson In Investing Success From Women’s Gymnastics


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A few days ago, I was watching the women's gymnastics. What they can do is incredible. Team USA dominated this event. As I was watching them, something stood out to me. I've seen it some of the other events as well. These girls practice the same routine over and over again to a point they can do it in their sleep. I saw these girls do the same routine as a group and then individually. Why is that? Well, because the routines aren't about one amazing flip or jump. It's about the whole body of work and being able to do it without any mistakes. Despite their endless practices, which helps them at the moment. There's also something that can happen during their routine. That is what they train for. Doing it perfectly is nearly impossible to accomplish, but being able to recover from a slight mistake is why they do it over and over again. That is how you need to approach investing and trading options. It's not about one trade; it's about your whole body of work. It's about having the right training to create consistency so when something does happen, that it doesn't rock you and take you out of the game. There's no new super secret strategy or approach; it's about learning one strategy at a time. If you're looking for a simple approach that takes 30 minutes a week on the SPX, you should check out this course: https://sizzle.samcart.com/products/WOTIS To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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