I Don't Count My Money In Public, Nor Should You


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If I told you that I generated a 1200% ROI, you'd be skeptical... And you should, I would be as well. For some, though, it makes their buttholes pucker up. However, It's unlikely you will achieve those same results if you invest into the same opportunity I did. Because you're right, I'm not you. You could do worse or even better, but even doing worse isn't too bad. I was lucky, who knows. However, I can talk the talk because I've walked the walk. That's important to you, right? We are all different. I hate posting numbers publicly because it doesn't matter. You can't spend my money nor can I spend yours. I'm happy if you do better than me, that's my goal. It's not a who's d*ck is the bigger contest. There's always going to be someone better than us or further down the road. We can't control that, but we can control our journey and enjoy it. Stay in your lane and focus on what we can do with our resources. Once you let your ego get too large, that is when you lose discipline. You got keep moving and taking advantage of opportunities when they do come. If you're interested in hearing about this 1200% return with creating a passive income stream by leveraging Amazon and not owning any shares, trading an option or buying any of its corporate debt. Then you're going to want to register a spot for this free training session, which will show you exactly how I did that. Sign up here: http://www.OptionSIZZLE.com/PLR To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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