Do This To Avoid Having A Piss Poor Retirement


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I read an article recently that revealed the population of human beings who are 65 and older will surpass those under 5 for the first time. It predicts this will happen before 2020, and the two age groups will continue in opposite directions. Reason being, people, are living longer with more advanced research, medicine, and technology. While low fertility rates and couples are wanting to save money are the reasons for fewer births. Now, if we put two and two together, this will naturally result in more people needing care and medical attention, but fewer individuals in the workforce. Economically it's going to be a disaster and will result in pensions becoming history sooner rather than later. So, what's the answer to not living in poverty in retirement? Well, in my opinion, it's to learn how to invest in the financial market strategically with trading options safely and sensibly. If you learn how to minimize risk and follow a rock-solid approach that's solely based on putting the edge in your corner; you can create consistent returns. I'm living proof of this. So now you've got three choices: 1) You can put off your retirement plans to later, do nothing and hope you end up okay. 2) Or you can follow the slow, and uncertain, path of following the herd and investing in plain vanilla Stocks & Mutual Funds (good luck with that). 3) Or… you can take action and learn a straightforward and strategic way to create lasting wealth through trading options. If you choose #3, here's where to start: To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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