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Earlier today, I stumbled upon an article titled, "Stocks Your Parents Should Have Bought the Year You Were Born". Now, this article was for the baby boomers, because I wasn't born yet. One example they provided is if my grandparents had bought $1,000 worth of stock in General Electric in 1943 and held it to now, it would be worth $197k + dividends. However, $1,000 in the 1940's isn't the same buying power today. A $1,000 investment back then would be $16,894.64 in 2016 due to an annual inflation of around 4%. My great grandma, June wasn't an investor, she was a hoarder. While cleaning her house after she passed, we found a small amount of money hidden in odd spots. In one place, we found $10,000 stashed in a pocket of an old sweater, which was buried under years of other clothes that she accumulated. She would rather stash her money even though it depreciated and also risk losing it all in a house fire. That is how most approach investing. They stash it away or give it to someone else to deal with it. Baby boomers who are trying to retire now are now seeing that was a huge mistake. They lost money and are behind because inflation. Having that much money to invest into one stock was very unlikely during the war. If you did, it's very tough to hold onto the stock that long. You don't have control of the company, board or direction. You're just along for the ride. There have been many companies that have come and gone during that span as well. You can't bank on picking the right stock and holding onto it as a reliable investment approach. The world has changed and to succeed we need to change the way we think and invest. The days of just working hard until you retire and then you would have a pension, savings and the government don't work anymore. There isn't income or job security anymore in this globalized world. That is why I share different ways of doing things with different opportunities. That is why I encourage you to learn about the different solutions out there; that are non-traditional because we don't live in that type of world anymore. While things have changed, there are ways to pivot and take advantage of these changes. We have to take charge of our future now and take the bull by its horns. When a door shuts, a window opens. There're some exceptional business and investment opportunities that still allow you to create a better life. One of those opportunities I've benefited from and stand by involves Amazon. It allows you to have more upside return without the stock market risk and more control. It's simple to implement and get started because I lay everything step-by-step for you. If you're ready to expand your thinking and open minded to different opportunities to create more freedom and options for yourself. I invite you to join me for this free presentation where I will share everything in more detail about this opportunity. To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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