Being An Active Investor Is Essential More Than Ever


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This past Friday, Nicole and I were at a friends surprise birthday party. While at the party, I got to talking to a couple who are about to married in a few months. They are about the same age as Nicole and I and live in the building next to us. Later in the evening and a few wines later the wife to be asked me what I do for a living. I told her I inspire and teach people investing skills and knowledge that will help them take advantage of the right opportunities and feel like they are in control of their financial destiny to create more wealth, freedom and options. Intrigued, she asked if I were a financial advisor or knew a good one. I smiled and told her I used to be a financial professional and left the industry in 2008 to start my own thing (OptionSIZZLE) to help people like her take back control of their money and fire their financial advisor. I explained that I was sick of watching investors make mistakes, bleed and lose money while professionals circle investors like vultures only focused on collecting their fees and leaving clients worse than when they found them down the road. A little taken back, I explained a simple way that they could manage their money with a low fee market index fund or ETF, which would save them many of thousands of dollars over the years and would have more control of their money. She said that sounds great, but she's not confident that they could do it themselves or that her fiancé would be on board. It's a tough sell to convince a 30 something-year-old to take control of their money when all their life they've been told to let someone else do it. I see it similar to life. We all know down the road; we will face age, disease and death. Early in life for most of us, it's too far down the road to see it until one day you wake up, and it's actually in the distance. It's the same with managing your money and making your own investment decisions; most people have to go down the dark road and get mugged to create that spark in their ass to learn how to do it themselves. The financial industry doesn't make it easy by discouraging people from doing it themselves and reiterating outdated financial information and approaches that force investors into their web. However, the system is starting to force people to think outside the box to seek returns because risk-free rates are at zero. If you're sick of making mistakes, bleeding, losing money and being ripped off by financial professionals, then I can teach you how to stop it and overcome the two biggest hurdles that cause most to lose money. Your first step in the process is reading this book here: To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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