Bad Football is Still Good, What Kyrie Irving and Antonio Brown Have in Common & Tuesday Night Best Bets


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On today’s episode, Jason kick things off with a few thoughts on the Monday Night Football double-header that saw the Las Vegas Raiders beat the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears. Neither game was particularly entertaining, but the mere fact that we had an extra game on Monday Night is still something to be celebrated. What’s more, as sports wagering and fantasy football becomes more mainstream, it gives fans an added reason to watch a game that they otherwise probably would not. Later, Producer Rob G explains why he believes the Kyrie Irving situation with the Brooklyn Nets and the Antonio Brown situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is actually pretty similar. In both instances, the powers that be had an about face towards their controversial superstars as soon as it became clear that they couldn't win without them. Would the Nets have allowed to become a part-time player if they felt they would win a title with just Kevin Durant and James Harden? Would the Bucs have welcomed AB back in the fold if Chris Godwin and Mike Evan were healthy? It's a fascinating discussion. Finally, Jason closes the show with a very special Thursday Night Football double-header Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Football Team and Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams edition of the Best Bet.

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