Talkcast439 – Of Comics and Innocent Aliens Abroad


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Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim

Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim

Some interviews just happen all by themselves. No matter how much you plan and research, the conversation does what the hell it pleases and meanders wherever it wants. Thus was this episode with Bruce Olav Solheim; Radio Talk Show Host, Playwright, History Professor, member of MUFON, author of 8+ books on a wide range of subjects… and then there is his new comic endeavor, Snarc.

Snarc is the beginning of the misadventures of an Alien and his sentient talking staff as they crisscross America, witnessing the foibles of the human condition. Snarc show firsthand how humanity deals, or doesn’t, with such topical subjects as PTSD and the crisis of returning servicemen, life on the streets in a wealthy country, mainstream informational ignorance, immigration, Area 51 and the plight of the Native Americans, just to name a few.

As oddly and compellingly informational as the comic is, so is Bruce. In the conversation we had with him, it became clear that we were just scratching the captivating multi-levels of complexity that turned out this story from a life of such diversity.

Have fun trying to figure it out, we did.

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