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Pirate radio, dubstep and documentary filmmaking—the many faces of Heny G. Malcolm Christopher Gustave, AKA Heny G, is a name synonymous with pirate radio and dubstep. Through his own shows and station, he championed a melodic style of the syncopated, sub-bass sound that's since influenced several of the genre's stalwarts. Speaking with Resident Advisor contributor Marcus Barnes, Gustave explains how his love for radio pushed him to champion diverse artists in dance music. Tracing the trajectory of his time in the industry, Gustave describes how he started in pirate radio at the age of 13. Developing an obsession with jungle, garage and house music, he went onto work at Rinse FM during the 2000s when it was still an unlicensed platform. Around that tinme, he also launching his own station, React FM. While DJing and presenting, Gustave fine-tuned his signature style of emotive dubstep. Nine years since the release of his debut album Child Hood, his soulful productions continue to resonate with old and new heads alike, as Barnes points out. Over the past year, Gustave has been working on a documentary called The Last Weekend. Chatting to Barnes about the creative process, he outlines his entry into filmmaking and how the art form has added another layer to his ever-evolving career. Listen to the discussion for the full details.

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