The Science to a Happy Brain


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What even is happiness? This must be defined by you first. This is a recorded webinar I ran to help those interested in bringing about more happiness in their lives to understand how it works in the brain, and what they can do to feel more of this seemingly difficult to sustain emotion we call happiness.

Neuroscience is often overcomplicated. Here, we simplify the way neuroscience works in the realm of a "happy brain". We also dive into tools, practices, and simple habits that you can adopt to enable more happiness in your life.

The end segment of this episode is answering questions that you cannot hear being asked around happiness.

1. Please repeat what you shared about "what is happiness?".

2. What are the chemicals that relate to happiness?

3. What's the difference between gratitude journaling and future journaling? And, how do we change what happens at the deeper layer of the mind?


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May you find all of the peace and happiness that you have available to you.

With love, Kez.

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