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As someone who has faced anxiety in relationships, fear of abandonment and various traumas, I found a huge interest in interviewing Psychologist Stephanie, as she speaks on some incredibly digestible reasons as to why these sufferable experiences happen, and as to what we can do about them. With a masters in Psychology, Stephanie Carinia is able to guide us through how we can uncover certain limiting beliefs within, and how to move through them. If you find that you have a fear of people leaving you, or you have certain limiting beliefs that prevent you from embracing life fully and finding joy, then tune into this episode as we learn together how to find the root to the suffering, and shift it. Join the Healing Community for a free month on us. It’s a community for those that want to work on their mental health and surround themselves with others in the same boat. Various tools and constant support is provided. Find the community here Use the code IHEALME at check out. Follow Stephanie below Instagram @psychologiststephanie Website Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for more incredible people to come on and share their story! Please remember to leave a review, as it helps me to reach others that struggle. You are doing your part by helping me share this message <3 Follow us on Instagram @thepocketcoach and follow Kieran for more content on healing @coachkezza Stay Blessed #IHealMe --- Send in a voice message:

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