Episode 70: The Gift of Healing Part 1: Let the Healing Begin


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This year, LDS Perfect Day will focus most of its posts on one thing: the Gift of Healing. Here’s what you can expect in the weeks and months to come as we present perhaps the most comprehensive examination of this gift found anywhere on the internet: * Why there’s an urgent, critical need for the Gift of Healing...more so than at any other time in mankind’s history. * Why church leaders are consistently saying why you can’t count on priesthood blessings. * The real reason why we don’t see the Gift of Healing being exercised in this, the restored church. * What traditions you must unlearn so you have a snowball’s chance of exercising the Gift of Healing. * At least six myths/traditions latter-day saints believe which inhibits the Gift of Healing in their lives and the church as a whole. * Knowing God’s will: A prime pre-requisite in exercising the Gift of Healing. * How to proceed in healing people. * One of the most important things one can do with the Gift of Healing (which most don’t do).

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