Teen Girl Who Dialed 911 To Get Help For Dying Dad Arrested Over Word She Used During Call


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Adrianne Ledesma, 17, called 911 later her dad fell in their kitchen and started having a seizure. The seizure happened three weeks later he was hospitalized and went through cerebrum medical procedure, WXYZ detailed.

Ledesma didn't find a solution on her first
Endeavor, so she called once more. Froze, she said "What the f-," while the telephone was ringing – not realizing that Sgt. Robert McFarland got in precisely that second.
The youngster asked McFarland for an emergency vehicle, however he reacted by censuring her language, as per a record of the call by means of Lybio.

"Well alright, above all else, you don't have to swear north of 911 and dial back," he said.

"Alright, send me a f—emergency vehicle!" Ledesma reacted.
Ledesma said she was frightened her dad planned to kick the bucket, however she wasn't offered the chance to clarify that on the call in light of the fact that the official hung up the telephone later she reviled, as indicated by WXYZ.

"Are you going to give me a rescue vehicle?" she asked the official later she got back to, as indicated by the record.

"Are you going to swear once more, you dumb a-?" McFarland reacted.
"Are we going to have a f—issue?" Ledesma said.

"No! You're not going to get one!" McFarland answered, probably alluding to a rescue vehicle.

Later a few endeavors to have a rescue vehicle shipped off the her home, McFarland at long last moved the call to the fire work area.

"I continued to get an emergency call from this disgusting mouthed young lady that needed a salvage," he said as he moved the call. "I never discovered what it was and I was always unable to move it over to you."

McFarland said exactly the same thing as he dispatched a watch vehicle to her home.

Ignorant that McFarland dispatched a watch vehicle, Ledesma raced to the police division to find support. Her sibling remained by their dad's side as they sat tight for help.
At the point when she showed up at the base camp, McFarland saw her coming and stood up to her with regards to her language. "Are you the young lady with the profane demeanor?" he inquired.

McFarland continued to capture Ledesma for confused lead and manhandling 911, a charge that doesn't exist.

The official wouldn't remark on the occurrence when faced by WXYZ. He was eventually suspended for a very long time without pay and was requested to go through extra preparing.

Lincoln Park's head of police said the occurrence was "not the station's best second."

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