DC politicos rocked by stupidest Buttigieg scandal possible. Even journalists are laughing.


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Rebuke and Pete Buttigieg

A stunning - and brief - outrage including out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his better half, Chasten, shook the D.C. political class the previous evening. The gossip might be
The most moronic of the year.

Everything began when Molly Edwards, who was an assistant to previous House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), energetically covered Twitter that the couple had been gotten some distance from D.C's. most famous French café.

"I just saw Pete and Chasten move got some distance from Le Dip since they didn't have a booking," she tweeted. "Most exciting thing that is at any point occurred around here. Electric!"

Seconds after the fact she added, "(we don't realize that that is what occurred. In any case, it appears to be logical that that is what occurred.)"
That isn't what occurred.

And keeping in mind that the unfurling outrage was ridiculed, different moderates immediately bounced in to attempt to fan the flares.

"The repliers don't appear to comprehend D.C. power elements," previous Daily Caller reporter Eric Owens articulated.

"Inside the space of minutes we at Playbook were circled into this apparently earth shattering news and were really energized ourselves to expound on it today," Politico kidded. "Unfortunately, our excitement was run when we heard back from a Buttigieg spox who said there was no reason to worry about it."

Before the couple could complete their supper, Edwards got back to Twitter to illuminate her anticipating crowd that she had committed an error. The men weren't being accompanied out. They were going to their table outside.

"Imao you all nvm they were situated outside," she tweeted.
"Kid do I miss Washington!" Obama speech specialist Jon Favreau tweeted about the moderate would-be contention. "Simply the coolest individuals."

(we don't realize that that is what occurred. Yet, it appears to be logical that that is what occurred.)

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