Veronica Elton - Ride On


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Veronica Elton presents her debut album Quantum shortly after having started in music production, leaving her mark with this album of her initial sound focused on Progressive Techno, full of spatial elements and squeaky melodies that catch you immediately. The album includes enigmatic and emotional tracks such as “Waiting For You”, “Move It” and “Moonlight” that transport you to another dimension with their enigmatic and enveloping sounds. “Ride On” is a gloomy, low-speed track that stands out with its drum rolls accompanied by synths roaring in the dark. Most of Veronica Elton's album is focused on the dance floor and has forceful tracks like “Moving Forward” and “Run Free” whose basses are robust and electrifying, while the rhythm unravels vertiginously taking us by the hand through a dark journey perfect for the early morning. The brightest synthesizers can be found in “Game Over” and “Make It Real”, two tracks that elevate you with dazzling sounds while the explosions they contain raise the temperature of any place. For the closing of the Quantum album, Veronica Elton prepared a space track with which we landed softly thanks to the harmonious piano lines it includes and its catchy arrangements. Quantum is the beginning of Veronica Elton's musical career advancing by leaps and bounds creating the sounds that ignite the night.

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