EP147: Honor Killings


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On June 30, 2009, four people were found, drowned, in a car in the Kingston Mills Locks in Ontario, Canada. What first appeared to be a very tragic car accident, eventually was revealed to be one of the most terrible betrayals a parent can do to his child. Mohammed Shafia was a successful millionaire living in Quebec, Canada with his wife, their seven children, and his cousin. Mohammed had immigrated to Canada from Afghanistan and instead of assimilating into Canadian life, he continued to practice his Afghan traditions, including what happened when he believed his daughters dishonored his family.
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1) McLean's: "Inside the Shafia killings that shocked a nation"
2) CBC: Mother convicted in Shafia daughters’ canal killing granted 5-hour escorted absence from prison
3) Montreal Gazette: The Shafia murders mother convicted of killing daughters find freedom behind bars
4) Toronto Star: Inside the Shafia Murder Trial
5) BBC News: Two convicted “honour” killers to be deported from Canada

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