EP145: The Farmville Horrorcore Murders


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THANK YOU to Patreon Member Erica for suggesting this case!
Farmville is a sleepy little college town, located in Virginia and is home to the oldest private college in the southern US. Farmville was also home to the Neiderbrock family who in 2009, were slaughtered by their daughter's online boyfriend, Richard McCroskey. What began as a trip to Michigan to attend a Horrorcore music concert, ended with four people dead, and their killer making a video about it.
The AV article mentioned in the episode about Horrorcore music:
The video of Richard defiling the Korean War veteran's grave:
Link to Richard's sh!tty music:
1) Richard McCroskey's Murderpedia Page
2) “The Horrorcore Killer” EWU Crime Storytime on YouTube
3) SF Weekly: Update: Chilling New Details Emerge in Syko Sam Horrorcore Murders Case
4) AV Club: Horrorcore is rap’s monstrous creation that refuses to die
5) Blog: Garbage in, garbage out

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