Episode 124: Pandemic Marriages - Will they survive or fail?


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According to the New York Times, when there is a tragedy or disaster, it is common to see an increase in marriages as people want to maintain their feelings of safety, security, and love by deciding to marry their partner. This has certainly been the case during the global pandemic, with figures showing as much as a 70% increase in marriage licenses in some places. For many in long-term relationships, the pandemic has marked a moment for them to take their love to the next step while others might be choosing to get married just because they are bored in quarantine. Join us for today’s episode as we discuss the increase in pandemic weddings and whether or not these relationships will stand the test of time. Read the full transcript here: https://www.dynamicenglish.cl/coffee-with-gringos-podcast-clases-particulares-de-ingles/episode-124-pandemic-marriages

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