GOP congressman becomes first Republican to publicly admit he regrets voting to overturn the2020elec


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Senator Tom Rice on Facebook

Just a short time later the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. State house by allies of Donald Trump looking to upset the 2020 political decision, Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) casted a ballot to back the insurrectionists by casting a ballot against ensuring the vote.
Presently Rice is the primary Republican to go on record voicing lament for his vote, Politico announced Wednesday.

"By and large, I ought to have casted a ballot to ensure," Rice said. "Since President Trump was liable for the assault on the Capitol."

"In the extremely early times of that shocking evening, while at the same time hanging tight for the Capitol of our extraordinary country to be gotten, I realized I should cast a ballot to ensure. But since I had made a public declaration of my goal to protest, I would have rather not backpedal on my promise. No doubt about it I lament my vote to protest," Rice clarified.
Rice said Trump "never really halted it" from the wellbeing of the White House.

"There was a weakling in that situation, yet it

Wasn't Mike Pence," he contended.

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