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Beim ARD Radio Tatort sorgen spannende und unterhaltende Originalhörspiele prominenter Autorinnen und Autoren für akustischen Nervenkitzel. Jeden Monat ein neuer Fall aus einer anderen Stadt - immer zuerst in der ARD Audiothek! Lust auf mehr? Das ganze Archiv des ARD Radio Tatort und viel mehr gibts ebenfalls exklusiv in der ARD Audiothek!
To Live Ardently means to live passionately, enthusiastically, and with zeal! So our mission as a podcast is to help you do that by sharing stories of others who are trying to do the same. Our hope is to help, inspire, and/or entertain all those who listen. Let’s keep Living Ardently! Follow me: @livingardently @itsonlyadrienne Subscribe on Youtube:
This podcast features intimate conversations with engineers who are in the forefront of building or teaching technology. Join us as we learn how our guests got started in tech, the type and level of education they've obtained, their work history, and personal stories about their journey. We publish the show on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and the Web biweekly on Wednesdays at 12pm US Eastern Time. Subscribe and STAY TUNED!


Wheyface Radio

On December 25th, 2007, movie star and heiress Julie Capsom crashed her car into a tree in Northern California, walked into a nearby clearing, and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. 10 years later, reporter Bea Casely and private detective Brenda Bentley are going to reopen the case. Each has a personal tie to the story. Each thinks they know what happened. And each knows the other is going to screw this whole thing up. Join Bea, Brenda, and the rest of the Good People at Wh ...
THE JANN ARDEN PODCAST is an iHeartRadio original podcast hosted by multi-talented Canadian icon Jann Arden. The self-titled podcast discusses the challenges, triumphs, and tribulations of everyday life. THE JANN ARDEN PODCAST is a fun-filled, relatable experience that explores what makes all humans authentically themselves with a variety of special guests including musicians, actors, politicians, writers, and athletes.
Onda Cero y la RTPA te sumergen, a través de seis capítulos, que se emitirán de forma semanal, en el caso que conmocionó a Asturias y a toda España: el asesinato del concejal de Llanes, Javier Ardines. En este recorrido sonoro, que recrea pasajes con testimonios de algunos de sus protagonistas, analizamos las aristas pasionales, criminales y sociológicas que se ponen de relieve en este caso.
Welcome to the Ardent Run Club Podcast! Here we talk about everything running - from training to racing, from nutrition to kit and everything in between. With exclusive interviews with a whole host of athletes, from world class runners and coaches to your casual park runner, you're bound to learn something, get inspired and Find Your Fire. For Ardent Runners By Ardent Runners
God's word has changed my life and my passion is that people would understand and obey it. The truth of Scripture has the ability to "renew our minds," "give us joy," and "transform us into the image of Christ." In this series I will be walking sequentially through the Gospel of John with the goal of highlighting the context, themes and applications from the text. In doing so, the hope is that we would "believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" and love Him more. Follow along each weekday!
Chaque jour dans le sous-marin bleu, nous faisons de belles rencontres avec les habitants de la région ou d'autres qui ne font qu'y passer. Une immersion sonore à la découverte de leur personnalité, leur histoire, leur passion, leur parcours... Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
Pay Days with On the Bench - a comprehensive sports review by the most unreliable commentators in the industry: Olly Postanin & Jacob Ardown. Hailing from Calgary, but whose experience traverses the planet, the boys host Pay Days w/ OTB on the 1st & 15th of the month. Tune-in for unique sports analysis that’s part late-night talk show with game show flair - you can call it comedy cuz hey, we like jokes!
Arie Ardianto

Arie Ardianto

DJ Arie School

Hy gw DJ Arie, Gw dulu penyiar radio taun 90'an di Bandung dan Podcast ini bakal banyak berisi tips public speaking & Broadcasting juga sedikit personal motivation. Saatnya manusia yg males ngedit video dan ga ganteng kaya gue siaran lagi..... Semoga bermanfaat gaes!
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Eine weitere Detonation erschüttert das Städtchen und die Task Force, denn ausgerechnet Lenz wird bei der Sprengung eines Bankautomaten, deren Zeuge er zufällig wird, schwer verletzt. Doch bevor er sich ins Koma verabschiedet, gibt er seinen Kollegen noch rätselhafte letzte Worte mit. Und während die noch grübeln, was er gemeint haben könnte, lässt…
2020 erklärte das Bundesverfassungsgericht ein Gesetz für nichtig, dass die geschäftsmäßige Förderung der Selbsttötung verbot und stärkte damit das Recht auf selbstbestimmtes Sterben. Welche Folgen hat dieses Urteil? Was bedeutet es für Betroffene, ihre Angehörigen, Ärzte, Pflegende und Sterbehelfer? Im Podcast mit Palina Milling spricht die renomm…
Well its the end of 2021 and none of us have a clue about how to feel about anything anymore. Before we wrap up some of our favorite songs and albums of the year, we talk about Mikes "illuminating" Christmas gift that he bought for everyone. We talk about the Kanye vs Drake show, other versuz ideas, and share some request stories from the club. We …
Ehioje Henry Erabor is a senior software engineer at BFREE. Growing up in Nigeria in the 1990’s, programming was not common in schools. Henry recalls a memory of his class being brought to the computer lab but they were instructed NOT to touch, only look. From that moment he wanted to know how these "TV’s with keyboards" operated. We learn about th…
durée : 00:06:07 - Invité de la Rédaction France Bleu Drôme Ardèche - La flambée du prix du carburant a de lourdes conséquences pour les entreprises de transport routier en Drôme-Ardèche.Por France Bleu
durée : 00:28:22 - Le dossier du jour FB Drôme Ardèche - Passionné de sports de plein air, installé en Ardèche méridionale, il est entraîneur trail, mais aussi diplômé d’Etat "Accompagnateur en Montagne" et "Escalade en Milieux Naturels".Por France Bleu
Dial In with Jonny Ardavanis: Big Questions, Biblical Answers, is a series that seeks to provide biblical answers to some of the most prominent and fundamental questions regarding God, the Gospel, and the Bible In this episode author and Professor Owen Strachan discusses Christ, Scripture & the LGBTQ+ Movement. Watch Videos Visit the Website Follow…
durée : 00:28:01 - Le dossier du jour FB Drôme Ardèche - Fabienne Moulon, psychologue clinicienne au Point Relais Oxygène nous explique comment se portent les jeunes qu'elle côtoie toute la journée et donne quelques conseils à destination des parents et grands parents.Por France Bleu
durée : 00:05:44 - Invité de la Rédaction France Bleu Drôme Ardèche - Avoir 20 ans en 2022, journée spéciale sur France Bleu Drôme Ardèche. Où en sont les jeunes aujourd'hui après 2 ans de pandémie ? Quelles sont leurs difficultés mais aussi leurs engagements et leurs espoirs ?Por France Bleu
Heute vor fünfzehn Jahren, in der Nacht vom 18. auf den 19. Januar 2007, fegte Orkan Kyrill durch Europa und Nordrhein-Westfalen. Dieser gewaltige Sturm forderte insgesamt 47 Todesopfer und legte ganze Landstriche lahm. Ein Förster aus Bad Laasphe im Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein erinnert sich.
MUST WATCH & SHARE! UK Attorney, Clare Wills-Harrison, exposes "End of Life" drugs, protocols, and suppressed documents, showing how the UK killed thousands of innocent elderly in 2020 and falsely called them COVID dealths to sell masses on vaccines.
durée : 00:32:00 - Le dossier du jour FB Drôme Ardèche - Quels bourgeons utiliser pour nettoyer ou soulager le foie ? En cas de Cholestérol ? D'allergies ? De démangeaisons ? Suivez les conseils de notre experte, Isabelle Meyer, gemmothérapeute et naturopathe ▼Por France Bleu
durée : 00:05:45 - Invité de la Rédaction France Bleu Drôme Ardèche - Un nouveau vaccin contre le Covid-19 vient d'être autorisé par la Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) : Novavax dit plus traditionnel car sans ARNmessager. Quelles différences avec les vaccins administrés jusqu'à aujourd'hui ? Le docteur Claude Leicher est l'invité de France Bleu Drôme…
This eppy we have lots of important news to share with you, a couple exciting trips coming up and one HUGE announcement! You don't want to miss it! Plus, like usual you can cash in on PAYDAYS and scoop some free stuff if you are quick enough! Listen up, because we’re giving away free stuff every episode!…
Viele Städte in Nordrhein-Westfalen wären gern Standort des stärksten Mittelwellensenders in Europa geworden. Aber Langenberg bei Velbert machte vor 95 Jahren das Rennen, wurde zum Stammvater moderner Rundfunksender und galt als technisches Wunder: Bis heute spielt der "Langenberger" eine wichtige Rolle für den WDR.…
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