E.49 Building financial independence and living the dream with Cloudy Zakrocki


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In Germany, she is known as the expert for all things digital media and her name is Cloudy Zakrocki. Up until 2021, Cloudy was the Vice President for International Content & Brand Strategy at Refinery29, she was also the Editor in Chief of German INTERVIEW Magazine and LesMads, the first and leading fashion blog in Germany. Today she is the founder of the interior brand HAND IN HAND and co-founder of creative agencies MIKADO CULTURE and ONLY GOOD PEOPLE. We talk about her year of saying yes to life experiences, how she built her financial independence to live the dreams, and what authenticity is in today's digital world. Grab a lemonade and enjoy this episode. If you want to follow the latest news on Women Authors of Achievement, sign up for our newsletter via waa.berlin.

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