The Introvert’s Edge: Leveraging Your Inherent Advantage with Matthew Pollard


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Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.

This week I am excited to welcome Matthew Pollard to the What’s Next! Podcast. Matthew is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories (all before the age of 30). Forbes calls him “the real deal,” Global Gurus lists him as a Top 30 Sales Professional, Top Sales World Magazine named him a Top 50 Speaker, and BigSpeak lists him as an international Top 10 Sales Trainer. He’s also the bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge, which hit the Amazon charts as the 8th Most-Sold Book of the Week, appears on HubSpot’s list of the “Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time,” and was selected by BookAuthority as the #2 “Best Introvert Book of All Time.” His soon-to-be-released second book, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking, has already received endorsements from Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, Michael Gerber, Dr. Ivan Misner, and Marshall Goldsmith. I am absolutely thrilled to be speaking with Matthew Pollard on the What’s Next! Podcast!

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… introverts in sales, introverts looking to transition into sales, leaders who lead introverted team members, and introverts stepping into leadership roles.

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… Matthew’s humble beginnings, the adversities he’s faced, and his own epic rise to success show that anyone, with the right motivation and the right strategies, can achieve anything they set their mind to. He breaks down what we perceive as the “divide” between introverts and extroverts, where they draw their energy from, common misconceptions, and the true power of an “introverted seller.” So, how should introverts operate? How should introverts prepare? Matthew has got you covered!

WHAT I LOVE MOST… Leaning into your introversion as a superpower and being more effective!

Running time: 28:32

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