It Was A Fraud From The Very Beginning


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And is the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world. In fact, it's experiencing a $32 trillion shortfall right now. This swindle was sold to good, unsuspecting, God-fearing, salt-of- the earth, trusting Americans who thought their government was always going to take care of them. Just like most Ponzi scheme's the first in usually come out fine. However, you and I are going to get the short end of the stick. The house of cards is starting to fall and very close to crashing down. In fact, VERY soon. Some experts suggest it could be the financial KO punch that will bankrupt innocent Americans. Have you guessed it yet? Social Security. Laurence Kotlikoff, a Boston University economics professor says this: "We're not broke in 20 years to 30 years; we're broke now," Kotlikoff said. "All the bills have been kept off the books by Congress and presidential administrations for six decades." This concept needs to be taken behind the barn and shot. Retirement support you thought you had years ago is becoming to look bleaker. The time is now to learn how to start making your money work for you and keep it out of harms way. If you want to learn an easy to implement approach that can help you generate 7% - 15% return with one trade in just 30 minutes a week. You're going to want to pick up this course today: To your wealth, freedom and options! Joshua Belanger

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