Interview with Alan Lovell: "Universalizing the promise of innovation"- Voices for Health, a podcast by Roche


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In this episode of Voices for Health, a podcast by Roche, we focus on Personalized Healthcare or Precision Medicine.
Personal health care is not a single intervention, it is a paradigm shift.
Alan Lovell, from The Economist Intelligence Unit, says: "it's not possible to say that yet every intervention under the personalized medicine umbrella will prove worthy to adopt. You know, that's true of any area of medical innovation. But, having said that, the evidence does suggest that many personalized treatments, when spread across the Health System, are not only cost effective, but can actually lead to substantial savings and improve patient outcome. A study conducted in France found that investing just one point seven million euros in genetic testing for lung cancer patients could cut treatment costs by nearly seventy million euros".

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