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After four successful years in business Stacey Brown Randall learned a hard lesson. Without the right approach to business development the business has no future. You cannot hope your business into success and being in all the places all of the time, constant networking, is exhausting.

It would be magic if the sales pipeline could fill itself as you do what you do best. Well with the right referral strategies it can! Referrals that flow naturally and consistently. When not attached to compensation they work especially well is a relational business, where there is a sizeable client investment.

With just three secrets – get organized, follow the methodology, and trust the process – your relationships will generate referrals without you asking, paying, reciprocating, or manipulating.

Tune in to hear about:

  • When compensation for a referral does and does not work, and why.
  • Three alternative approaches to generating referrals – depending on your starting point.
  • The value of metrics and discipline.
  • The most important reason growth tactics picked up from others often do not work.
  • And more.

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