Purush Cannane | Creating comprehensive value – paper replaces single-use plastic, through immigrant employment, and environmentally friendly production at Greenii Inc.


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Purush Cannane creatively combined his engineering skill, passion for solving environmental problems, and his drive to help vulnerable communities when he founded Greenii to create paper bags from waste paper. Avoiding post-consumer paper in order to bypass the need for additional environmentally unfriendly chemicals and processes, he sources high quality paper, offers employment to recently immigrated women, and has now sold thousands of carrier bags in Canada and the USA to replace single-use plastic bags.

Not stopping yet, Purush has gone on to invent equipment to facilitate growth in production volumes, and is expanding into box packaging as well. While handmade bags may continue to form a part of the product offering, it is the raw materials used that ensures bags will always remain unique. He even affords customers the opportunity to convert their unused, expired marketing materials and paper products into new packaging products for use by themselves or another environmentally conscious and creative business.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Why common paper bags are actually worse than plastic bags for the environment.
  • How a piggy bank start led to a college binding service.
  • Always having five to ten alternative solutions to a problem.
  • And more.

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