Wayne Morrow: The Globalists and Their Servants in the Democrat Party Installed Biden’s Fascist Tyranny


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Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Wayne Morrow, who is the Vice President of the John Birch Society (JBS), an organization that has existed since the mid-1950s and is dedicated to preserving the American republic and its Constitution.
For many years the U.S. governing elite and media ridiculed and attacked JBS as unAmerican or even communist because it consistently warned Americans that no government was a friend of the people.
--The JBS website is: https//jbs.org
--JBS publishes a biweekly journal called The New American Magazine, https://thenewamerican.com/
--JBS also provides educational services for kindergarten-to-12th-grade students, among these services are the Freedom Project Academy, the Freedom Project media app, and the soon to be available, the Anytime Academy. See, https://fpeusa.org/
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