035 - Nathan Bedford Forrest - Part 2


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About this episode:

Thus far, we have offered anecdotal insight as to Bedford Forrest’s humble origins: his makeup and antebellum experiences. We’ve detailed his entrance into the great conflict and his meteoric rise to command - his fights at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Fallen Timbers, and his dogged, relentless pursuit of Colonel Abel Streight’s Union command. Now, we’ll delve into the remainder of his Civil War career as well as his post-war life. Both periods, perhaps unsurprisingly, are laced with controversy. And so, we pick up the fiery story that is Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Wizard of the Saddle.


Some Characters Mentioned In This Episode:

Braxton Bragg

Joseph Wheeler

William Sooy Smith

Samuel D. Sturgis

Andrew Jackson Smith

James Harrison Wilson

Additional References In This Episode:

That Devil Forrest: Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest - by John A. Wyeth

Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography - by Jack Hurst

The Confederacy's Greatest Calvaryman: Nathan Bedford Forrest - by Brian Steel Wills

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