474: Frederick Lane, part 2: Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation


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Frederick was a great sport in allowing me to explore working on a patterns that happens sometimes but that I had let slide before.

We started talking about nature, then his commitment. About halfway through I noticed that his motivation to the commitment from his first episode didn't seem to come from inside, which I believe led to him doing the task for extrinsic, not intrinsic, reasons, resulting in him doing his task perfunctorily.

Then came the part that may be uncomfortable to listen to---or may be intriguing or fun. I can't tell because I was in the conversation. I tried to find a new sledding hill of his to ground a new activity. From then on we had a cordial conversation, but at cross-purposes. I don't think he understood what I was getting at and I couldn't see how to explain my point any better.

I'm grateful to Frederick for maintaining his interest. Those interested in starting a podcast may find a lot to learn since guests often disconnect from their sledding hill and feel they have to fix something or do something big. I don't think we reached a resolution, but I think we valued the conversation. If you're considering starting a podcast in the This Sustainable Life family or to do The Spodek Method with many people, you'll find this conversation educational.

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