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Originally Live: July 20th 2019

Oh lookie here! It's another full on edition of The Tally-Ho Show for you lucky...or unlucky lot! For today's episode we are joined by a good friend of Andy & James, DrewLegend (formally known as J10ADN)! For this episode's shenanigans Andy, James & Drew talk about the greatest & worst gaming plot twists ever, what their first impressions are on the Nintendo Switch LITE & which consoles would they like to see be made into a HD mini console.

With these topics, some epic video gaming tunes as well as continuing on with Andy's Great Adventure, we have all the makings of a three course gourmet meal if this episode was a meal...or it could be a £5 value meal from McDonald's, whichever one you would prefer.

But regardless of what food this show would taste like, be sure to prepare yourself as you enjoy Episode 14/Season 02 Episode 04 of The Tally-Ho Show!

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00:32 Street Fighter V - Rashid's Theme
03:38 Racing Hero - BGM 1
01:11:31 Driver - Main Theme
01:14:41 Sonic Heroes - Ocean Palace
01:57:14 Fight’n Rage - Nothing Left
02:01:02 Gran Turismo - Oxyacetylene
02:26:37 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Never Let Up!
02:29:28 Splatoon - Tide Goes Out
02:52:11 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Fi's Farewell
02:54:37 Sonic Unleashed - Holoska Night (World Hub)
02:57:55 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Bowser Victory Jingle

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