Podversation 8: Learn to influence the strengths way: strengths-based selling


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In this podversation, I chat with Larissa Batt about how to use the strengths approach in a sales context.

For the last few years, Larissa has been in various senior sales role at Strengthscope and in her current role, she leads on all corporate sales, so she knows lots and lots about strengths in a sales context.

This podcast will be of interest to anyone who ever needs to persuade or ‘sell’ anything to anyone ever. Which is of course everyone. And it will be of particular interest to people for whom selling in a commercial setting makes up a significant part of their role.

We chat about:

  • the importance of using the strengths approach in sales
  • the danger of overusing a particular strength
  • whether certain strengths are needed to be successful in sales
  • and 3 top tips for introducing the strengths approach into your own sales work or sales teams

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