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To support this ministry financially, visit: The Narrow Path is Steve's teaching ministry primarily to Christians. In part, it is a one-hour, call-in radio show. Christians call in with questions about what the Bible says on many topics and how certain passages can or cannot be interpreted. Occasionally, an atheist or agnostic or one of another faith calls in to inquire or raise objections. Steve takes all calls, including objections to what he has presented. It is an open forum with polite, respectful discussions. The object is for the host and the audience to learn together. The ministry also has a website, a Bible-discussion forum, a Call-of-the-Week video, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page. These contain Steve's verse-be-verse teachings through the entire Bible, topical lectures and articles, friendly debates with folks of other opinions, and much more. Please explore these hundreds of resources. They are all valuable, but they are all FREE. We have nothing to sell. "Freely you have received, freely give." Steve is also available to teach and answer questions at church and home meetings. He has taught on every continent. If you would like to have him speak in your area, just organize a group, a place, and propose a date, or several, and e-mail The Narrow Path exists through the gifts of donors who appreciate these resources. We have no corporate sponsors and run no commercials on the radio or ads on the website. If you are blessed by these resources, we ask that you first pray for us, then tell your family and friends, then consider donating to help us stay "on the air". God faithfully provides through listeners.

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