EP 89: Alejandro Moreda - The Ultimate Surfer experience, Puerto Rico’s strong surf scene, Defining North Shore moments, QS adventures, Andy Irons, surfing for Billabong, the 2010 Rip Curl Search event, and Growing up on the “Hawaii of the East Coast”


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The Ultimate Surfer competitor and Puerto Rican pro surfer Alejandro Moreda about his surfing origins, growing up on the “Hawaii of the East Coast,” charging big waves, and adjusting to small wave contests once he decided to leave and pursue the tour. He describes his early years on the Qualifying Series alongside Dylan Graves and Brian Toth, banding together around a dream, eventually signing on with Billabong, and earning his place on the North Shore. He looks back at the bittersweet 2010 Rip Curl Search event in Puerto Rico, his relationship with Andy Irons, and how the loss of AI changed him. Finally, he breaks down his time on The Ultimate Surfer, from the intense interview process to his time on set to what the show has meant for him and for the kids back home that are aspiring to be surfers.

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