759 - Dr. Scott Gottlieb (Part 1): Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 CRUSHED Us


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When did Covid-19 start to spread? How did it get spread globally so quickly? How is it different than all the other Flu-like diseases?

In this episode, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, an American physician, investor, Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, and author, came on to talk about his new book, Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic. We also talked about how should The CDC have responded to the pandemic, how did the "6 inches" guideline came about, can we have another economic lockdown, and how and why is the current Covid-19 situation so much different than the plague or pandemic back in the day!

Listen to this Part 1 out of 2, and Part 2 will come out the same day too!

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