#144: Brian Requarth - Co-Founder Latitud & Author of Viva the Entrepreneur - How did I get on this F*cking Lion?


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"If you don’t believe in it, other people won’t believe in it either. If you believe in it with everything you have, it’s hard to bet against the entrepreneur." - Brian Requarth

Brian Requarth is the Latitud Co-Founder & Author of Viva the Entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of Viva Real, a leading proptech business in Brazil. He merged the company with ZAP Imóveis (owned by Grupo Globo) and became the Chairman of Grupo ZAP. Brian raised $74 million in venture capital funding for Viva Real and now invests in the most promising tech companies in Brazil and Latin America as an angel investor.

\This podcast is about his book, Viva the Entrepreneur: Founding, Scaling, and Raising Venture Capital in Latin America. The best way to describe this book is a quarter-inch drill hole. I’m referring to the reference by Theodore Levitt, a German American economist, and professor at Harvard. The average drill is only used for 15 minutes in its lifetime. Not the best use of money or time. You don’t need a drill; you need a hole.

The same concept applies here. The drill is a stack of business books that you read once or don’t read at all. A waste of money and time. The latter of which you will never get back. With Viva the Entrepreneur, the quarter-inch hole is how to build a company in Latin America.

The book is amazing. The information is applicable immediately. Every chapter has at least one “oh shit” moment—perfectly packaged bites of information that force you to highlight and share.

Some of the highlights from this conversation, the five behaviors of a cohesive team model, growth hacking your first investor, you have to trust me, the difference between being vulnerable and conviction, and much more.

Viva The Entrepreneur shares the lessons Brian learned while building his company. He shows how to manage your own psychology and your operations, be it working with co-founders, building a culture, or managing a board of directors. Brian also reveals the secrets of scaling a business and best practices for raising venture capital in Latin America. You will develop an understanding of the most critical parts of an investor term sheet and gain perspective into the inner workings of the venture capital game.

The potential this book signifies is what makes it so exceptional. I'm not sure how many will grasp this concept at this moment. This podcast receives messages all the time, thanks to the stories. Why? Because those stories were not available.

Brian is where he is thanks to reading a case study on Mercado Libre in a coffee shop. Imagine what the future will be if millions of potential entrepreneurs in LATAM access this book.

Also, make sure to check out his podcast and to get your copy of Viva The Entrepreneur.


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