Ikigai Insights- Part 1


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Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your life? The reason to jump out of your bed every morning?

As we are glorifying our busy life, we tend to forget to live for ourselves. Don't forget, sometime hustle can be overrated. All you have is now, remember to soak it in.

This Japanese term "Ikigai" will surely change your perspective, the direction in your life and the flow state of your mind. It is a pleasure and delight process to be in a creative flow completely immersed in life. Once you notice what tasks you do in a state of "flow," try to make changes in your life to focus on the things that have more meaning to you. Following your passion is a simple way to your Ikigai.

I hope after listening to this episode, you will ask yourself a question.
What is my Ikigai?

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