11/11 Portal Activation with Goddess Lillith, Spirit Animal Centipede, Sirius & 7 Stars of Pleiades


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Event Description: We will be working with the Goddess Lilith, Spirit Animal Centipede, Sirius, and the 7 stars of the Pleiades as we build an activation to rewrite the stars and bring our Manifestation into our current reality. *Very Important:* Please bring a list of (7) things you seriously want to manifest, so that we can get right to work at the event and start manifesting! ___________________________________________________________________ Contact Nelle at: Website: https://www.sapphirestarcodes.com​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SapphireStar-Codes-109922414272009 Hello my name is Nelle Mack and I am a Certified Crystal Healer, and have my own healing Modality called SapphireStar Codes! I spend most of my time as a wife and mom of 5 beautiful souls, who I homeschool! The rest of my time, I spend making crystal orgonite and Crystal Elixirs....well, pretty much anything magikal! I also have a list of Energy Bubble Healings and Attunements that I am always adding to! These Bubbles are full of healing energy and are super easy to use for yourself! My very first Attunement, was given to me by the 7th Dimensional Pegasus that I had been working with! I am a Sapphire Child and Pleiadian Starseed, and my mission is to empower others to heal themselves! I also do readings, but my passion is my Energy Healing! I run Pegasistarseed, which is my Facebook business Page, where I post my items for sale.

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