Stop Trading Time for Money with Greg Todd


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On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Gregg Todd, one of the world’s top healthcare business coaches. He’s helped thousands of physical therapists renew their careers, restart their lives, and make more money all while helping more people. He’s the founder of Smart Success Health Care Live! Greg is one of my best friends and has been on the podcast before. He’s also going to be a speaker at PT Biz Con 2022.

Greg gives valuable insight on why you should stop training time for money and how you can shift the narrative in your business with a shift in your mindset. He talks about solving problems in various way and giving people multiple ways to afresh their problem. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We talk about:

-PT Biz Con 2022

-Trading time for money

-Becoming a person of authority

-The value of identifying problems

-The importance of communication

-Matching your passions with your proclivity

-Niching down


1:00 Intro

2:01 How to stop trading time for money

9:00 Doing things differently today

14:55 The mindset of getting referrals

19:00 Expectations versus realities

24:15 The value of identifying problems

28:00 Sales as communication

31:43 How to become a person of influence

37:25 action steps to stop training time for money

42:20 How to find Greg

44:00 mindset of abundance

46:00 PT Biz Con tickets

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