Season 3 Wrap Up and PT Biz Con Re-Cap


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On today’s episode, I’m wrapping up season 3 and re-capping what happened at PT Biz Con 2022! If you were there, I want to say thank you! We were so grateful for our sponsors for making the event possible!

Rock Tape

Roll Recovery

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Megan Greco (Megan Greco P.T. & Fitness) @megangrecodpt

-Goal to work less, make more money

-PT’s are the gatekeepers to other allied health professionals and we should be paid for it

-Your problem with money is in your head not theirs.

-Help others help others

-“Your diet is not only what you eat…it’s what you watch, read and the people you hang around”

Brandon Smith (Out of the Box Income & Investing) @dr.smith_dpt

-Degrees are not necessary

-Build a business, it’s faster and less expensive

Ben Bagge (Pro+Kinetix Rehab) @dr.benbagge

-Master the sales process and phone call before you hand it off to the new Admin

-going from 6 to 7 figures

-systems and hiring

Jessica Warnecke (Pace P.T.) @drjessicapt

-Set boundaries for your time

-Nothing Changes if nothing changes

-Sometimes you need to let go

-Being in Flow

Jess Jenney (WanderlustPTs) @WanderlustPTs

-The biggest obstacles to living a great life is living a good life

-Stop trading time for money

-Create ROPE Offers - Residual, Online, Proven & Evergreen

-The Power of Vulnerability

Stefani McMillin (Full Circle Birth & Pelvic Health) @doctor_stefanie

-Get Visible - we’re weary and distrustful of perfect

-Dream 100 -> Dream 10 -> 2 people per week

Alisha Weilfaert (Yoke & Abundance) @yokeandabundance

-How to navigate failure

-You Can’t change the world, you can only change yourself.

-Action Stops Fear

-Commit to doing the thing that gives you butterflies

-Create a failure resume

Bedros Keuillian (Fit Body Boot Camp) @bedroskeuilian

-Entrepreneurs are a crazy bunch

-Use money for good to influence change you believe in

-Think big and be clear on the vision and mission

-We sabotage ourselves to reinforce our limited and broken belief systems

-Think like a leader

-You must become the person you are meant to be before you get there

Greg Todd (Physical Therapy Builder, SSPT and SSHC Live) @gregtoddpt

-The more you write the more you retain

-Energy is > time > assets

-Money has a need for speed

-It’s not the size of the load that you carry, it’s the method you use to carry it.

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