#16 - Managing Grief & Your Career with Brianna Hines


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Brianna Hines is the CEO of Goals, Grind, and Grace LLC. She is an advanced grief recovery specialist and Christian leadership life coach who helps grievers recover from loss by producing actionable steps to heal their pain. Brianna's work empowers individuals to reconnect with the joy of living while letting go of the fear of being hurt.
Topics Include:
Brianna's story, and how she managed to recover from the loss of her partner. The origin story of Goals, Grind, and Grace. The power of perspective, and how Brianna helps her clients avoid the bitterness and resentment of loss. Moving through grief, seeking support, and recovering. Working with children and parents who have experienced loss. And other topics...
Connect With Brianna:
Website: https://www.goalsgrindandgrace.com/
IG: @goalsgrindandgracellc
FB: @goalsgrindandgrace
Resources Mentioned:
The Leadership Incubator – https://thebrandedcareer.lpages.co/leadership-incubator-waitlist/
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