S2E7 If you are worried that your children don´t eat, start by doing this one thing


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This is the most common parenting topic, the most requested on Internet, social media, and very debated.
When we are parents we live worrying for many many things that we shouldnt really, but we cannot help it. This topic is very common and i didn´t do an episode about this before because simply I was struggling myself with, I wanted to dig deep into the topic, read books, read FAQ´s, and it was horrendous!
I found so many destructive advise for parents to control their kids lives, but I also found amazing advise, there´s a few books about children´s education that I will share with you in the following weeks but this book that I read last was really really good (not sure is available in english) the name is "mi niño no me come" from Carlos González, a pediatrician from Spain. He has a vast experience with thousands of parent that have issues regarding their children´s nutrition and with the issue that their kid wont eat. So many parents concerned about this that he wrote a book about it all and me makes a few references so I would recommend for you to read it.
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