S2E5 How to help children to achieve their dreams and goals


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Children have so many dreams (goals), 10 times more than adults, because for them everything and anything is possible... and it is! otherwise we would already know what they will become when they grow up, but we don't know it, because the possibilities are endless! if we put effort on the right place... We, as adults even when we still have dreams, there is something key that is stopping us and today I'm going to reveal it..
I want to talk about 3 key words that we are so confused between them, and understanding the difference, we can really help our children to actually put on effort where is needed.
Although it might seem simple, we confused the difference between trying, doing and putting effort. If we put more effort and we learn this from childhood, is possible that we would stop from feeling entitled of everything that we haven't earn yet.
Hoe this is the fundamental core of achieving any goals we might have, keep our promises, earn what we "truly deserve" from doing and putting effort.
I hope you enjoy this episode where I give some truth bombs and a lot of people wont like them!

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