S2E11 Basic ideas on helping with potty training


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On this episode I talk about some of the things I learned from potty training dozens of kids, my own children, ideas that I think are important to know and also recommendation to consult with an specialist if you are struggling, have specific queries or questions.
I hope this episode sheds some light about the importance of this new episode on the kids life and how much we affect and change their life by how do we respond to them when they are going through this big event on their lives.
IF you have any queries specifically about potty training, maybe post-training if your child still wets the bed, or have other issues regarding pelvic floor, etc I would recommend you to speak to Shelly Rosenthal on her instagram
or on her website:
For any other children's training, I can recommend the book: How Children Learn from John Holt.
Another Book is: "Mi niño no me come" from Carlos Gonzalez. (Hopefully this is available in english)
There's so so many, I will soon make a list of books and authors for parenting that are really good.

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